Disaster Relief Information


Step #1. Go to URL alsbom-gm.org

Step #2. On the left of the page under the blue LOGIN bar, click on the word “here” in the sentence: “If you do not have an account and would like to register as a volunteer, click here.”

Step #3. Complete the Quick Registration form online.  In the *Association block, select “Madison”.  As a new volunteer it does not matter what you select in the *Callout Preference 1 block, but you must select one of the options to complete the form.  This information will be edited once you have received DR training.  With all required data, entered click the blue NEXT bar at the bottom of the form.

Step #4. You will be assigned a Volunteer Identification Number (VID) and given the opportunity to designate a password.  Your assigned VID will be your permanent ID in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.  You will eventually receive a volunteer badge with your picture and ViD on it.  Once your password has been accepted, LOGOUT and then LOGIN with your VID and password information.

Step #5.  After logging in, you should see your name with your VID in parenthesis at the top right side of the page.  Click the down caret and select “Edit My Profile”.

Step #6.  At the top of the page select the block “Liability Release”.  Read over the release and if agreeable, complete the required information.

Step #7. Return to at “Edit My Profile” page and select the “Background Check” block.  Follow the instructions provide to initiate your background check.  You may either use the online or mail-in procedure as described.

After successfully completing steps 1 – 7 above, you are registered as a Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteer.  At this point you may register for and take available training, and even deploy with a DR Team—locally or other.  Once your Background Check has been successfully completed, you can expect to have your picture taken and badge issued in conjunction with your first DR training session.


Step #1.  Login in at URL alsbom-gm.org using your ViD and password.

Step #2.  Click on the down caret next to your name and ViD at the top right of the page and select “Edit My Profile”.

Step #3.  At the top of the page select the select the down caret next to “User Tools” and then select “Register for Training” in the drop-down list.  This will take you to the “Course Offerings” page.  If any offerings are currently being offered, they will be listed here.  Follow instructions to review and select/register for desired training.