The Madison Baptist Association
Great Commandment, Great Commission Ministries 
Mission Statement
The Madison Baptist Association is a self-governing fellowship of autonomous Baptist Churches voluntarily cooperating to serve Christ. The mission of the association is to assist in equipping the affiliated churches to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, evangelism, Christian education, discipleship, fellowship, ministries and missions.
We understand God’s purposes for the Association to include:
  1. Building fellowship, teamwork and unity among the cooperating churches.
  2. Providing training opportunities, which will enable churches and individual leaders to be more effective in their respective tasks.
  3. Being an information and resource center for Christian work and ministries.
  4. Assisting churches to discover needs within their communities and to determine how those needs may be met.
  5. Encouraging and assisting in the planting of new churches and/or missions and in the nurturing of existing churches.
  6. Fostering cooperative mission efforts and other endeavors, which exceed the capabilities of any one church alone.
  7. Promoting world missions.
  8. Developing and maintaining effective relationships with the State Convention and all other entities of the denomination.
To help with the work of the association there are three standing committees: Budget/Stewardship, Personnel, and Trustees. The other teams of the association are Camp, Church Strengthening, Evangelism & Prayer, Loan, Program, New Works, Nominating, Property Management, Resolution, Time & Place and Women’s Ministry. The Ninety-Nine Club assists new church starts with the purchase of land.
The current officers of the association are Rev. Will Faulkenberry (Mosaic City Church), Moderator; Position Open, Vice-Moderator; Rev. Tim Payne (Wear’s Chapel), Treasurer; and Mrs. Denise Panter (MBA), Clerk.