Church Ministries

Every church that is a part of the Madison Baptist Association is concerned about the program organizations of the church which include:
• Worship
• Bible Study
• Discipleship
• Evangelism
• Music
• Missions
• Other Ministries

Every church is unique and the names of these organizations are different in many of our churches. The times that they meet and the structure that holds them together are as different as the people in the pews.

As an association, we strive to provide leadership, training, and resources to assist every church in reaching its full potential.

Ron Lynch provides leadership in the following areas of ministry:
• Family Ministries
• Senior Adults
• Single Adults
• Youth
• Discipleship
• Music
• Men’s and Women’s Ministries
• Sunday School

Ron leads our church strengthening ministry. This mission opportunity is a way for church members from our association to assist our plateaued and declining churches for a limited time frame. North American Mission Board appointed missionaries Todd & Denise Panter, Al & Claudia Rudd, and Hamilton & Ginger Woods help in the areas of church revitalization, evangelism and missions.